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Liposomal peaCURE

Liposomal peaCURE is designed to combine the impressive benefits and safety of palmitoylethanolamide and the advanced liposomal delivery system.

Liposomes ensure that the entire amount is delivered exactly where and when needed, without any loss due to enzymes or stomach acids.

Our unique liposomal PEA is safe and completely natural. peaCURE is the only one selling liposomal PEA.

Liposomes deliver palmitoylethanolamide right into the cell without losing its effectiveness on the way.

Enzymes and stomach acid break PEA in capsules down when taken orally, before it can spread through the body.

Liposomal delivery protects PEA by binding to the cell membranes and slowly releasing it into the bloodstream


Taking 7.5 ml of Liposomal peaCURE is equal to taking 4 peaCURE capsules a day.

The improved delivery and absorption which comes from liposomes greatly improves bioavailability of palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)


  • Water
  • Lecithine (Soy)
  • Glycerol
  • PEA
  • Alcohol
  • Potassium sorbate


Regular dosage is 7,5 ml a day (equal to 4 capsules per day).


After opening, store in the refrigerator. Use before the end date marked on the packaging. Store cool and dry.

Important information

Not to be used by pregnant women.
Liposomal palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) should only be taken under medical supervision.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ or feel free to contact us

peaCURE certifications for palmitoylethanolamide

Additional Information

Liposomal peaCURE is the next step in improving the efficacy of palmitoylethanolamide. It is an endogenous substance created by the body.

However, it is efficiently degraded by some very efficient and abundant enzymes in the body – FAAH and NAAA. This means that its half-life is very short and that its benefits have a limited time frame.

Liposomal palmitoylethanolamide

Liposomal palmitoylethanolamide greatly improves bioavailability of palmitoylethanolamide by protecting it from mentioned the enzymes and stomach acid, delivering it directly to the cells that need it and, thanks to the biocompatibility of liposome and cell membranes, letting all of the active ingredient into the cell.


Liposomal vs powder


Basically, Liposomal peaCURE combines the benefits of palmitoylethanolamide with the advanced liposomal delivery to provide unmatched results.

Particles size:

Micronized and ultramicronized – Over 90% of palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) we use is micronized to under 10 microns and 50% to under 3 microns.

There is little clinical evidence that micronization affects the benefits of PEA in any way. However, we opt for ultramicronized and micronized because PEA molecules are very long, so they are not easy to encapsulate into a liposome.

This way we ensure that our liposomal product is of the best quality, not just mixed with phospholipids, but actually thoroughly encapsulated into a liposome for maximized benefits that come from greatly improved bioavailability of liposomal PEA.

We use the same raw material for our liposomal palmitoylethanolamide and our PEA capsules.

USA made

All capsule and liposomal products are made within the USA.

Quality and safety as our top priorities

Most of our patients take our products for longer periods of time or even their whole lives. Providing a product which is safe has always been our top priority.

All our PEA comes from Europe and it is created using an enzymatic process which results in high-quality and completely pure form of PEA.

The PEA produced in this way has no derivatives or analogs with unexpected and unknown effects. Excluding analogs also ensures that they do not bind to the same receptors as palmitoylethanolamide and thus reduce its effectiveness.

“It is a better, more environmentally friendly way to produce PEA.” Purchase our high-quality liposomal palmitoylethanolamide so your patients can live a healthy and comfortable life again.

Our research and development

Our company is the first one to put liposomal palmitoylethanolamide on the market. Our experts worked hard for more than a year developing a liposomal product with the lowest level of alcohol and unmatched stability.

This way we produce an efficient, stable product that is safe and that improves bioavailability of palmitoylethanolamide to the level never possible before.

What sets us apart from all other companies which sell palmitoylethanolamide?

peaCURE sources all its palmitoylethanolamide from a European company EndoPEA which is the only company selling natural-made palmitoylethanolamide of pharmaceutical-grade made through a patented enzymatic process.

Using this enzymatic process eliminates the use of any toxic metals and yields an extremely pure form of palmitoylethanolamide which contains no homologs, analogs or derivatives.

This results in a superior form of palmitoylethanolamide: analogs can connect to the same receptors as palmitoylethanolamide so they can greatly diminish the positive effect or even have an adverse effect. Unfortunately, the lower grade palmitoylethanolamide which comes from China and is used in supplements is difficult to distinguish from high-quality palmitoylethanolamide.

Secondly, we are the only company on the market that produces Liposomal peaCURE which makes use of the top-quality, pharmaceutical-grade palmitoylethanolamide and improves its bioavailability through liposomal delivery system.

Disclaimer: Always consult a qualified health physician before taking any new dietary supplement or medical food. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

*Attention: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It has not been approved, nor have these statements been evaluated by the FDA.

Customer Reviews

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I have to say how thrilled I am with Liposomal PEA. I started using it to treat my eczema and itch and after just 20 days I feel a lot better. The itch is almost gone and my skin looks a lot better. I’ll keep using it and I hope to get rid of the eczema completely. I don’t know how realistic this is, but I was told that there are no side effects, so I have nothing to lose and I can already see significant improvements.